1Do you accept insurance?
Michelle does not accept any in-network insurances, however if you have out-of- network mental health insurance you may be eligible for reimbursements from your insurance company upon claim submission.
2How long will I be in treatment?
Treatment times vary from patient to patient. Michelle will set goals with you on the first session and the two of you can discuss a comfortable time frame to begin with.
3What can I expect in the first session?
During your first session you can expect to give Michelle an idea of what brought you to treatment-symptoms you are experiencing, issues that are bothering you as well as goals you want to reach. Michelle will also start taking a detailed history including family dynamics, health issues, past psychiatric treatments etc.
4How long are sessions?

Individual Sessions
First Session 60 min
Follow Up Sessions 45 min

60 Minutes

5What is your cancelation policy?
TWWC requires 48 hours or you will be charged for the session. All cancelations need to be made via phone.